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Our programs are designed to extend the life and reliability of you equipment.

Are you having trouble with a specific application? Let us use one or more of our reliability programs to upgrade your equipment.

Bearing Reliability Program

Less then 10% of bearings reach their full life exspectancy due to failed lubrication, contaminants or corrosion. We can solve many of these issues with better bearing protection and automation of bearing lubrication. 

Full System Sealing Program.

There is more to a sealing solution then just Mechanical Seals and packing. When we provide a sealing solution we look at the complete system. Heavy slurry? We have patented products that clean the stuffing box and reduce the need for flush.

Chain & Wire Rope Reliability Program

Chains & Wire Rope are a costly and crucial part of many processes. With our chain reliability program you can extend your chain life up to 400% and reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Valve and Flange Sealing Programs

Are your valves leaking? They don't have to. We have multiple programs to seal your valves up reducing loss of product and cleaning up costly safety hazards. 

Flange seems like a simple thing to seal but somehow they always end up leaking. We have a program that we can warranty and flange seal for up to 5 years.

Motor Reliability Program

Motors are the most common piece of equipment in most plants. Make sure that you are getting the most out of you motors with our motor reliability program. The most important part of making your motor last is managing your lubrication properly. We have the tools to streamline this process.

Thread Lubrication & Bolting Reliability Program

There are many options of anti-size out there. Unfortunately most of them give you the same results they work good for a time but eventually the size up. This does not have to be the case using a higher grade anti-size made of the right material is what can make all the difference.


"Give us a call today and we will have one of our Specialist evaluate how our programs can help you."

Ricky Turner, Sales / Office Manager

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